History of East Coast Truckers Charity.

The fairy lights on my freshly imported GEC am CB rig crackled into life on a dark and dismal morning way back in 1981. "Have you heard about this new club that is to be formed this Sunday morning" was the part of a modulation I caught the back end of. "Big Ten Four" came the reply from several nearby breakers. "We will eyeball you then, Ten Ten till we see you again" My curious nature compelled me to find out more and so it was.

The first ever meeting of the East Coast Truckers Club was held at Ebenezer's Night Club Plumsted Road Norwich September 1981.

The forming of the club was brought about by the aggressive attitude of the then Post Office regards the use of CBs. You could legally buy a CB but you could not use it. People who were caught breaking the law were fined heavily and had their CBs destroyed. So clubs sprung up every where with the intention of fighting for its member's right to use the CB unhindered.
The East Coast Truckers went one step further and set up an insurance scheme for its members. Thus if a member was caught and prosecuted
the club would reimburse the member for his fine and his equipment.

Two years later the Government of the day legalised CBs and that seemed
to signal the end for us and very many other clubs. However the East Coast Truckers decided to start fund raising in many different ways and for many different causes. Eventually they settled on raising funds to give handicapped children a little bit of fun. That kept the club alive and it continued to go from strength to strength. In 1986 Glenn Johnson started the Children's Convoy. Today that Convoy is world famous and the backbone of all the East Coast Truckers achievements. In 2000 the Club successfully converted to a fully registered charity. It is growing in size and stature every year.

The Charity draws in thousands of pounds every year and every year hundreds of deserving children benefit from our members hard work and dedication. It also has a special place in hearts of East Anglian people. This is demonstrated every August Bank Holiday Sunday when our Huge Convoy takes to the highway, the out pouring of affection and emotion for our efforts is humbling. We have in 3 decades evolved from a CB Club to a Charity that people admire, to a Charity that people can relate to, to a Charity that hundreds of people are proud to be part of and to a Charity that people can see touch and feel. Yes the EAST COAST TRUCKERS really does "DRIVE YOUR CHARITY HOME" to make sure we "DELIVER LOADS OF FUN TO SPECIAL CHILDREN".
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© East Coast Truckers is a charity registered in England No. 1082023.
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